Home inspections In Virginia Beach

  • We’ve performed over 10,000 inspections
  • We are a Licensed Home Inspector in Virginia and North Carolina
  • and are a Commercial Certified Inspector.
  • We carry General Liability Insurance as well as Errors & Omissions Insurance.
  • We know the area and the variety of structures found in Hampton Roads.
  • We give you a computer generated home inspection report delivered at the time of inspection!

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Forrest Minschke - Inspector/Owner

We are conveniently Located in Hampton Roads Virginia,

reaching the 7 cities and into NE North Carolina.

Advanced Inspections ASHI Certified Inspector
  1. ​​Appliances
  2. Attic & Garage
  3. Electrical
  4. HVAC & Plumbing

Call now for your Home Inspection!

Advanced Inspections works with realtors, buyers and sellers and provides home inspection costs upfront when the inspection is ordered.

Forrest Minschke - Inspector/Owner
Fulltime inspector for the past 17 years
Degree in Architectural Design and Drafting
Home construction/inspection industry for over 35 years.
Experienced in construction as a former licensed
general contractor in the State of Virginia.

What is on our Inspection Checklist?

A trained inspector can discover defects that an untrained eye just can't see. Advanced Inspections will observe, describe, and operate the following items:​​

  1. Roof, Gutters, Flashing, Skylights and Chimneys
  2. Property Grading, Drainage, Drive, Walkways and Vegetation
  1. ​​​​​Exterior
  2. Interiors from floor to Ceiling
  3. Insulation & Ventilation
  4. ​Structure and Foundation
  • Advanced Inspections is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.
  • This means, Forrest Minschke abides by the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics when performing inspections.

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